Materials Recycling

All-American Rolloff and Recycling, a JB Coxwell company with over 35 years of experience and innovation, can handle any of your recycling needs. We take used and reclaimed concrete to produce road base, aggregates, and fines.

Our Landfill and Recycling facility is Northeast Florida’s only Class III facility.

Reusing crushed concrete for new projects preserves natural resources and greatly reduces construction project costs. All-American accepts broken concrete without a disposal charge to support these initiatives.


All-American Rolloff and Recycling is proud to say that we recycle over 90% of construction materials we receive. This is the HIGHEST rate of recycling of all waste hauling companies in Northeast Florida.



Baserock (Road base)

Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 2” minus. LBR’s of over 150. Used as base in roadways or parking lots.



1″ Drainage Aggregate

Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 1” ¼”. Used for pipe bedding stabilization and as a drainage aggregate.



3/8” Base (Screenings/Fines)

Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 3/8” to dust. LBR’s of over 100. Used as base materials in parking lots, roadways, pavers, and as a stabilizing material.



#4 Coarse Aggregate

Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 2” – 1”. Used as media in storm water infiltration and under-drain systems, or as bedding stone.



Ditch Liner Rip Rap

Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 6” – 16”, 4 lbs. – 75 lbs. Used for erosion protection and ditch lining. Custom sizes available.


Recycled Asphalt

Spec: Crushed asphalt, graded 2” minus. We also prescreen the asphalt prior to crushing.